Why Do You Fight?

Are you fighting for what you believe in? Or are you fighting because there’s an opponent in the ring?

There’s a big difference

And it matters.

Motivation does not determine victory but it sure does impact the path you take to get there.

I’ve always found that foes bloom and fall like leaves in the wind but convictions have roots and will outlast the season.

The Finish Line

There’s a reason it’s called the finish LINE and not the finish area.

It’s a clearly defined marker, unambiguous and immovable. You’re either finished or you’re not. Like a light switch is either on or off, there is no “almost finished”. 

As entrepreneurs, we define our own finish lines, set the route and the pace.  Still we can never be certain that we’re close to the line. We know the path is rarely straight and the curves are things unplanned. 

The key is to never slow when you see the finish line on the horizon. To sprint through first base. And once you’re there, don’t waste time on a victory dance because the next leg of your race has already begun.

Trying and Succeeding

When did people begin exaggerating the difference between trying and succeeding?

Creating a wedge between honest effort and the hopeful result.

The growing viewpoint that something is not worth doing unless one knows he can succeed in the endeavor, wrongly measures “success” only by the intended result.

It fails to recognize effort and growth as the successes they are, and it doesn’t allot for the doors we unlock, unexpectedly, along the way.

When a set goal is not reached, we need to ask ourselves “was this worth the effort even though I didn’t succeed in the way I hoped and planned?”

The point is not the answer to this question but realizing that this is always a question worth asking.