When looking for a new car, one thing we seem to undervalue, or completely ignore, is fuel capacity.

It’s one of only two factors that determine your maximum range… how far you can go.

We’re often just looking for a car that’s supremely efficient, using very little gas while still offering enough power.

This is fine if you measure success in short sprints.

But if you want to know just how far this car can take you, how far it’s willing to go before complete exhaustion, capacity is king.

In a long enough race, that capacity will be the deciding factor for success every time.

So how much fuel is in your tank?


Have you watched gymnastics at the highest level? World Championships. Olympics.

What these gymnasts do on the balance beam should be impossible. It’s just 4 inches wide and stands 4 feet off the ground. Most people would struggle to simply walk across it, these athletes tumble.

Beam is the big scary monster of a gymnastics meet. Falling here is often a dream-killer.

But when you watch awhile, you’ll notice gymnasts rarely fall while doing the seemingly impossible: backflips, front flips, twisting layouts, flying 10 feet off the ground and landing on 4 inches. They seem to fall in the slow moments. A standing leap, a spin, or the subtle pauses after a difficult pass.

It would seem the difference-maker is momentum.

Isn’t it the same for all of us? As long as we’re charging after goals, flying full speed, bobbing and weaving around obstacles in our path, we’re unlikely to fall down. But when we stop moving, stop risking, stop charging ahead, this is when we stumble.

So keep moving always. But remember, the real key to the beam is balance.