3 Bits of Secret Sauce from SXSX

I just arrived back from four long days at the 2011 South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX. Aside from learning that late nights on 6th Street and Iron Works BBQ will put a damper on your exercise schedule, I can break down my takeaway into three fragmented nuggets of media gold:

1. Digital media and marketing can no longer be viewed as a segment of your brands marketing plan, it IS your marketing plan. “Traditional marketing” methods may still be required to insure your minimum daily impressions or to reach a specific target demo, but this is now the outlier. The classic mediums may have reach guarantee, but by the sheer existence of circulation numbers, they lack hope for scalability. When it comes to content mediums, the rule has become the exception.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

2. klout.com is blowing up for a reason. How influential is your perspective, your persona, your social identity on the web? To be more clear, how important is your online mojo to you… and how important is it to marketers and brands? I cant answer for you but I can tell you the marketers reply is VERY IMPORTANT. Influence quotients make it possible to pointedly target the elusive and most desirable customer segment, influencers. And as social media monetizes, this will become all the more vital.

3. Social Media, specifically lbs and mobile web, really is the wild west right now. A handful of folks got in early enough and developed powerful brand partnerships that let their initiatives automatically scale, but even those guys are still usually throwing spaghetti at walls. Some of the digital world/real world convergence blows my mind, and some causes me to wonder about either my own sanity or that of the participating public. I mean, how long can people go on collecting imaginary badges and purchasing digital in-game items before they realize they could be exerting that energy and spending those dollars on their own REAL LIVES? I have to think, not long.

Nugget #4 about SXSW would be GO! I think everyone who’s even remotely interested in or actively consuming interactive media, film, or music should experience sxsw. It’s a flight and a few days for a ton of perspective on today and the foreseeable future.