The Idea Machine Will Get You Clean

I get the whole cleanliness and personal hygiene thing… but I should really shower daily, if for no other reason than because my shower is like an incubator for genius ideas.  I just took a little 5-minute rinse and came up with a couple zingers that just might change my life.  I don’t know if I have a magic shower, but I swear, if my little studio had a bathtub I probably would have cured cancer by now.  Someone get this post to Pfizer and the rest of the pharmies… it just might behoove them to install a tub in my place and get me on payroll.  Maybe even buy me a house with several tub/shower combos.  I know for some people it’s the can, or the car.  That would make things so much better for me, cuz: A. I spend way more time in those places than I do cleaning myself; and B. yall don’t have to go online right now and buy The Droodle – Waterproof Notepad for $14.95 plus $3 per replacement pad boite de viagra prix.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download