Welcome to the White House…

No, this is not my personal letter to our newly elected President (though I will likely write one of those in the not too distant future). The title of this blog is the official page title on the brand new Whitehouse Website that popped up online within minutes of Barack Obama’s swearing in on Tuesday. “Welcome to the Whitehouse” are the words being said to the American people, and to people all around the world who can just as easily access the new site from the world-wide web… and these words are being said by our new President and his entire administration.  I’m straight-up giddy about what this really means, so it’s probably coming out fluffier than I’d like – but the bottom line is that we are being granted access into the daily life of the president and the ongoings of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave cherche viagra., from the press room to the oval office.

What this means is transparency, openness, a clear line of communication and collaboration between our elected officials and those who empowered them.  And for those who may not have empowered these particular officials with your vote, you are being given a daily account of what actions are being taken, what decisions are being made, and how the President is handling the office.  If you want to complain, you can do it by the minute.  If you want to praise, you can do that too.  Point is, Barack, who made a concerted effort to set his politics apart from a ‘politics of fear’ and disassociation from the people… is walking the walk in that arena from day one.  Hell, he’s running.Watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


On the ‘Contact Us’ page, it states “President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history.” Here are few aspects of the new website that blew my mind, and should blow yours too:

1. The President will do a weekly video address each Saturday; 2. A blog coming right out of the White House, that has thus far been updated multiple times a day;  3. Proclamations. One already issued by the President was posted within hours of it leaving his desk;  4. Executive Orders. Will be posted as they are issued, for the public to read and understand first hand;  5. Nominations & Appointment. Many made before taking office are listed. Future ones will be as well;  6. An ‘Agenda’ section lays out all the issues and states Obamas stances and objectives.

This also exemplifies the importance of utilizing modern technology and embracing cultural changes, so that our government stays current and relevant to the people it leads.  Our new president has gone on for weeks with his staff about wanting desperately to keep his blackberry, in order to maintain a grip on reality of ‘normal’ daily behavior, and a connection to the outside world.  For safety reasons, this may not happen unless they can get him the spy-proof smartphone they’re now looking into… but his perspective shows that he’s inside the head of the everyman, and empathetic to their viewpoint.  We have all been looking at the White House from the outside-in, feeling somewhat disconnected, maybe frustrated, and sometimes confused and unaligned with the decisions coming out of it.  Whether people agree with those decisions or not, a better understanding of and comfort with those decisions can be reached if we are allowed to participate more in the process.  That’s exactly what this new website means.

In short, i think this dude is super legit.