Social Media Checklist

Are you and your company ready to get actively involved in social media? It’s not really an action item decided in the boardroom… it’s a conscious mindset shift about how you work, and even about what exactly ‘work’ is. Here’s a checklist to see if you’re ready:

• Are you prepared to make changes to your company’s culture and reinvent the use of office time?

• Are you ready to be open about two-way dialogue instead of the one-way dialogue we’re all used to?

• Are you willing to listen, understand, and possibly grant what your audience is seeking from you online?

• Are you willing to experiment and be patient when results don’t happen overnight?

• Are you committed to keeping your site, blog, and profiles updated with fresh content?

• Are you willing to be authentic about both the good and the bad in your organization?

• Do you have the “relationships first, business second” mentality?

If most of those are yes’s… you’re ready and able. What are you doing still on my blog page? Go update your own. And when you do, link to your Facebook and twitter accounts. Then field any positive or negative reactions with constructive dialogue and genuine engagement acheter viagra a paris. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you have issues with some of those questions on the checklist, that’s ok and probably “normal” at this time. Though pervasive, social media is still pretty new and only broadly understood. Maybe it’s Greek to you, or maybe you just don’t yet believe that SM can build recognition, trust, and revenue for your business. If thats the case, I’d strongly recommend checking out case studies on people and business similar to you who have found success or failure with social media efforts. You may be a person or a business culture that needs proof and a hard ROI before trying anything new. Look to others experience for that.

**Above checklist derived from snippets of Mirna Bard’s ‘The Start of a Great Shift’ chapter in Robert Fine’s ‘The Big Book of Social Media’